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Blueberry Graphics provides graphics libraries and custom software. Specializing in SVGA, TIFF, 3D, VRML, GUI, Image Processing, Mouse and Joystick libraries. Our wildly popular VSA256 Graphics Library and TIFF256 Graphics Library Extensions have earned international recognition and acclaim.

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VSA256 Graphics Library - The VSA256 Graphics Library gives C/C++ programmers the tools necessary to create really cool, high resolution, 256 color graphics output on a standard video adapter running with the VESA BIOS extensions. VSA256 adds unique graphics capabilities not found in any of the other popular graphics libraries. Provides full support for 640x400, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024 video modes. Now includes C++ version too!

TIFF256 Graphics Library Extensions - The TIFF256 Graphics Library Extensions Version 4.1 is a library of C/C++ routines which extend the capabilities of the VSA256 Graphics Library. With TIFF256 the C/C++ programmer has the tools necessary to read, display, and write Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) images using a 256 color video adapter running with the VESA BIOS Extensions. Support is provided for both Microsoft C and Borland C/C++ products.

Other Products and Services . . . .

VRML Extensions - Ever wish you could program 3D graphics in DOS mode? How about subroutines that mimick the Virtual Reality Modelling Language? Well check this out!

GUI Extensions - The ultimate insult to Windows! An object oriented Graphical User Interface front end for the VSA256 library.

Source Code - Interested in the VSA256 or TIFF256 Source Code?

Custom Programming - Need special code written JUST FOR YOU ?

VSA256 Graphics Library Extensions Developer's Program - Here is a great way for you to get started in Shareware. This may be just what you are looking for!

FREE STUFF . . . .

Sample Programs - A collection of miscellaneous VSA256 and TIFF256 based programs. Some are for benchmarking the librarys' performance, others are "How To" examples.

Other Links . . . .

Netletter - Graphic Guru, Dick Oliver's Nonlinear Nonsense.

Fractallonomy - Home of the fantastically original 'Revolucid' and 'Revvie' MIDI music makers.

Chuck's DSP Page - DSP columnist Chuck Gumas helps you navigate through SHARC infested waters whilst avoiding rough Cs.

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