VSA256 Graphics Library Extensions Developers Program

The VSA256 Graphics Library is a base library which is supported by Graphics Library Extensions (GLEs) for more specialized tasks. These GLEs are typically shareware and new ones are developed periodically. Read on to learn more about the developer's program, or skip to the summary of current VSA256 Graphics Library Extensions.


I want to encourage people to write VSA256 GLEs. The reason is simple. As the number of available GLEs grows, so does the applicability of the VSA256 Graphics Library to various software applications. As this happens, the demand for the VSA256 Graphics Library grows, and the better off I become. For this reason, I started the VSA256 GLE Developers Program (VGDP).

What Is It? . . . The VGDP is an incentive arrangement between myself and GLE developers by which I get developers to write VSA256 GLEs.

How's It Work? . . . A developer writes a VSA256 GLE and sends it to me. If it adds a unique capability and it meets my quality standards, it is added to the list of goodies that I offer to registered users. When a user registers for the VSA256 Graphics Library, in addition to the normal stuff, I also send him the VSA256 GLE. If he likes your GLE, he can register for it by sending you payment.

What's In It For Me? . . . Clearly I get some benefits. 1) The overall demand for the VSA256 Graphics Library goes up. 2) I get to use your GLE as an incentive for people to register for my software. 3) I don't have to write all of the VSA256 related GLEs out there. 4) I get to meet a lot of interesting people doing really interesting things.

What's In It For You? . . . You wouldn't do this unless you also benefit, right?

1) Exposure of your product. The VSA256 Graphics Library has been around since 1991 and has developed quite a following.

    -  The VSA256 Graphics Library has been featured in two
       books by SAMs Publishing  (Tricks of the Graphics Gurus
       and PC Graphics Unleashed).
    -  New GLEs will receive exposure in any subsequent book
    -  Your GLE gets exposure through the flyers I send out.
    -  I feature each of the existing VSA256 GLEs on my home

2) Ready made market. The VGDP lets you take advantage of an existing base of people already programming with the VSA256 Graphics Library. If you have a useful GLE, they will be anxious to get there hands on it.

3) The VGDP is a helping hand in getting your shareware business up and running. You can start from scratch, but it sure is easier to ride on the coat tails of a successful product.

A suggestion . . . A submission to the VGDP should be a self contained, preferably zipped package which is ready to go to the user and includes as a minimum:

- The Library File

- Any Include Files

- Demo Program

- Documentation File

- Order Form (So they can send you registration payments)

Some possible VSA256 GLEs . . .


- A really robust 3D library

- Integrating Sound into the VSA256 environment

- How about a 3d fly by phase shifting Doppler corrected sound modeler

- Fancy 3D stuff

- Fancy Text Manipulation Stuff

- Various Image readers.

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