TIFF256 Graphics Library

As the preeminent graphics format, TIFF images have permeated the fiber of the computer world. It is the single most common file format supported by virtually all hand held and flat bed scanners. While every major computer platform has evolved its own unique image file format, TIFF is the one standard format which crosses the boundaries between PC, MAC, Silicon Graphics, Sun, HP, DEC, and all the rest.

The TIFF256 Graphics Library Extensions lets you take advantage of TIFF's popularity by letting you integrate TIFF capability into your graphical application. While powerful and robust, the TIFF256 library is simple to use. Only a few lines of code are required to get a TIFF image up on the screen. One more line of code and the image is saved. (By the way, have you ever tried to write out a BMP image under Windows? ... Good night Eunice!) A few more lines of code and you can customize how the software displays 24 bit/pixel images on your 256 color display, selecting between 332 RGB, Dithered, or Adaptive Palette displays. The VSA256 / TIFF256 combination gives you a formidable tool for graphical programming while sparing you the nightmare of Windows programming.

Review List of Functions for the TIFF256 Graphics Library Version 4.1.

Find out What's New in the TIFF256 Graphics Library, Version 4.1.

Try out the TIFF DEMO. After you've saved it to disk, unzip the file and give it a spin.

Download the TIFF256 library. After you've saved it to disk, create a separate directory (might I suggest TIFF256) and unzip the file within the new directory. Now you're read to roll.

There are Real Benefits for registered users!

How to Register for the TIFF256 Graphics Library.

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