TIFF256 Graphics Library Extensions Version 4.0, What's New

Version 4.0 provides significantly functional improvements over version 3.2 as a result of user feedback (see the TIFF256 Revision Comparison Table).

Added TIFF File Compression . . .

Now you can take advantage of Compressed TIFF file technology for both reading in and writing out TIFF files.

Added TIFF File Sub Image Extraction capability . . .

You can read in small portions of a larger TIFF image. This is especially handy for a single TIFF file which is a mosaic of ICONS (any GUI writers out there?).

Added TRUE_COLOR_MODE 3 . . .

If you need to get your hands on the 24 bit pixel values of a true color TIFF, set true color mode = 3 and call 'tf_load_image' or 'tf_load_subimage'.

New routines . . .

tf_set_compression - Turns on compression for writing out TIFF files.

tf_get_compression - Returns compression flag.

tf_display_subimage - Display a sub region of a TIFF file to the screen.

tf_load_subimage - Load a sub region of a TIFF file into an image buffer.

tf_scan_file - One command, replaces 5 calls to set up TIFF reading.

tf_decode_scan_error - Handy error message printer for 'tf_scan_file' status.

(To see the complete list of functions, click here)

The following table shows the evolution of the TIFF256 Graphics Library features as the library progressed from Revision 1.0 to the current Revision 4.0. (An asteriks (*) means the function is supported for that revision.)

                        TIFF256 Revision Comparison Table

                 Features                                          V1 V2 V3 V4
Read and Write Compressed TIFF files                                         *
Extract Sub-Image from larger TIFF file (ICONs ...)                          *
Preserve 24 bit pixel information when loading to Buffer Memory              *
Optimal Palette Image Conversion from 16M to 256 Colors                   *  *
Dithered Color Image Conversion from 16M to 256 colors                    *  *
Clipping of Displayed Images to Programmable Window                       *  *
Load Image Directly to Buffer Memory                                      *  *
Save Buffer Memory to TIFF file (Great for image processing)              *  *
Ability to Save displayed image as a TIFF file                         *  *  *
3/3/2 RGB Image Conversion from 16M to 256 colors                   *  *  *  *
Automatic access to Primary Colors in Color Palette                 *  *  *  *
Easy access to Detailed Image Parameters for any TIFF file          *  *  *  *
Supports Borland and Microsoft Compilers                            *  *  *  *
Supports Multiple Image TIFF files                                  *  *  *  *
True Color TIFF support                                             *  *  *  *
Color Palette TIFF support                                          *  *  *  *
Gray Scale TIFF support                                             *  *  *  *
Bilevel TIFF support                                                *  *  *  *

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