Graphics Library Source Code - C/C++

Source Code for the VSA256 and TIFF256 Graphics Libraries is available! Why would you want to get the source code?

- To build with an unsupported compiler.

- To add your own custom features.

- To see how its done.

- To extract a subset for your own application program.

Price . . . .

Quite a bit of late night labor has gone into these libraries. They have reached a level of functionality which is unique in the industry and non-trivial to replicate. If you are serious about licensing the source code, Please make your best offer. You can make an offer simply by EMAIL. In your EMAIL, please include your intended use of the source code.

Non-Disclosure Agreement . . . .

Agreement - Look here for your own personal advanced copy of the source code licensing agreement.

Wanna talk? ... Send me EMAIL.
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