Magnetic Levitation Engine

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Magnetic Levitation Engine levitates with no strings, wires or gimmicks.
Great for Science Fair Projects, Experimenting, or just Having Fun

Still the most Stable Levitator Out There !

Fascinating new Technology enables a whole new world of Hovering Possibilities.  Our Hover Engine and your creative Genius.

Imagine the possibilities ....


What's The Secret?

Hover Engine Controller - Using the latest Microprocessor Technology and Digital Signal Processing techniques, this Controller makes thousands of calculations each second to determine the amount of magnetic flux to apply to keep the object hovering. This technology is so advanced that we have applied for Patent Protection.

Levitation Head - Electromagnet with integrated Field Sensor performs the work of levitation. This does the pulling and pushing … switching between pushing and pulling thousands of times a second to supply just the right amount of lift to achieve a perfect hover.

Magnet - You attach this to the item you want to lift (Pen, Ping Pong Ball, Coin, Foam Globe, Photographs, Toy Spaceships, Planes, Cars ... how far will your imagination take you?). 

And now You can get your very own Hover Engine

Order Now  Your Hover Engine including Controller Board, Levitation Head with Flex Circuit cable, Power Supply, and magnet all for ONLY $39.99 !

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