We're Selling the Business

What does that mean?

Basically I ran out of Hover Engines.  I'm down to the last 10 units and I've got other interests tugging at my heart strings.  I figure this is a good time to sell the whole kitten kaboodle (shooting match, enchilada, smash, you get the point).  So here you go.  You can buy the business, pour in your enthusiasm and energy and go for the big show.

Before you email me to see if I'll sell YOU one, please read this FAQ =>  Frequently Asked Questions

What's "The Business" (ie. What do you get)?

The Hover Engine is a microprocessor controlled feedback circuit, sensing the position of the item being hovered and proportionally controlling the electromagnet to maintain suspension (levitation, hover, float ...).  The uninspired might shrug it off and say "ok, so".  But if you try to do this yourself, you'll quickly find the stumbling blocks which took me Hundreds of hours and Thousands of lines of assembly code to overcome.  By buying "The Business" you get the benefit of my labors and discoveries.  Here's what you get:

1)    Hover Engine Source code.  This is all of the Assembly Code which makes the
       Hover Engine hover. This code is well commented and also has embedded
       chronological comments which let you follow my thought process.  you can see
       where I got hung up, and what I did to fix it.  You get all of the rights to this software.
2)    Hover Engine Schematic Diagrams.
3)    Hover Engine Gerber files (Placement and Route drawings).  This is what you send
       to the fab house when you want them to build the Hover Engine PCB assemblies.
4)    Hover Engine Parts List and pricing data.
5)    My supplier contacts for PCBs, Components, Electromagnets, magnets, power
       supplies, Flex PC cables, ... everything
6)    Copy of my Provisional Patent Application (I filed the provisional, but never had the
       cash to follow up with the real deal).
7)    My last 10 Hover Engines.

How Much?                I'm selling everything for $20,000


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