We're Selling the Business

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

1) Are you still selling the Hover Engines?
No.  I have 10 left and they are reserved for whoever purchases the business.
2) How much are you selling the business for?
3) Can I get one unit to evaluate?
Since I only have ten left and they are "Reserved" for the purchaser of the business, Yes you can get an evaluation unit which you need to return in 10 days.  A $500 refundable deposit (less shipping both ways) is required via PayPal.
4) How much can the hover engine lift?
Without modification, the hover engine can lift approximately 8 to 10 grams.  It can reliably suspend a BIC Pen, with cap attached.  I also routinely attach the magnets to US Quarters with Super glue and they float great as well.
5) Can the Hover engine be modified to lift more weight.
Probably.  Use of rare earth magnets are a good starting point, but you will also need to modify the source code for the software (commented source code is provided) and you probably will also need to select different sensor and/or electromagnet ... its all up to you.

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