Benefits For Registered Users

If you use this program beyond an initial evaluation period, you must register your use with a $34 remittance to the author .. me. In addition to the good feeling that you get for sustaining a late night hacking obsession, you get the following benefits for registering:

1) Royalty Free Use of VSA256 in Your Programs! Feel free to distribute your programs for profit with no royalty fees.

2) Graphics Mouse Library! Use this library to integrate Mouse input with your graphics applications. Get precise updates of mouse position, update screen cursor, read mouse buttons, and more. Invent your own graphical user interface, give your apps that professional feel, have tons of fun!

3) Joystick Library with Source Code! Integrate Joystick input with your graphics applications. Write a flight simulator, boat driver, or your own unique use of this agile input device.

4) IMP256 Image Processing Library and Source Code! With this library you can learn all about image sharpening, embossing, blurring, color balancing, and enhancement.

5) 32 Bit WATCOM C Compiler compatible VSA256 and TIFF256 libraries! Get the edge on performance.

6) 3D Graphics Library! Don't live in a flat world. Add the missing 3rd dimension to your creations. This library lets you create 3d objects, set your view point, and perform 3d transformations including scale, offset, and rotation. Supports wireframe, solid, and Gouraud shaded objects. (Still being developed).

7) On line support through CompuServe.

8) Printed Users Manual and Current Version Software on Disk.

9) One Half Price Upgrade to the next version, as it becomes available.


As if that's not enough, for a measly $15 more, you will get:

10) TIFF256 Graphics Library Extensions. This extension to the VSA256 library lets you read TIFF formatted graphic image files, display them, modify them, and write them back to disk. Furthermore, anything that you create and display on the screen can be saved as a TIFF image file.


11) The following public domain full color TIFF image files to get you started:











(What, no Ginsu Knife Set?)

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